GARDEN CITY -- Two men have been charged for their role in the alleged rape of a minor at a local motel Saturday morning.

Shortly after 9 a.m., a 16-year-old teenager waved down an on-duty Garden City patrol officer near 3400 Chinden Boulevard. The teen told the officer that she had been raped by two men at the Sun Liner Motel.

Police arrested the first suspect Saturday morning. The second suspect was taken into custody shortly after noon near 33rd and Chinden Streets. Police say the suspect has returned to the motel in search of the first man, who had already been taken in custody.

The suspects have been identified as Bajro Lakic, 21, and Ibragim Abdullayev, 19, both of Boise. The pair have been charged with felony rape.

Both men will be arraigned in Ada County Monday.

The victim is still being treated and is expected to be released Saturday evening.

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