A North Idaho man s new invention can help keep you and your family germ free, while also helping firefighters battle wildfires.

It looks like a handkerchief or bandana, but if you put it over your mouth it actually works like a filter to keep germs and smoke out.

For firefighters out on the fire line, the environment is dangerous and smokey. To help keep the bad stuff out, some of them use cotton bandanas. Inventor Steven Jensen says his invention is a step up in keeping harmful stuff out of their bodies.

Jensen s brainchild is called the Prevent Anti-Microbial Bandana. It s fireproof, washable and made out of a material NASA uses called silver ion fabric.

The cloth is certified by the National Fire Protection Association.

Jensen says the bandana acts like a filter for your nose and mouth with its special fabric and it's not just for firefighters, it can also be put to work in your home to keep germs out.

The bandanas cost about $10, but aren t out on the mass market yet. Jensen is working to get them out to the public sometime soon.

Fire crews with the Forest Service say they wouldn t be able to use the bandanas unless they re approved on a national level first.

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