BOISE -- Law enforcement agencies from around the valley raided 13 so-called head shops and other retail stores on Thursday in a crackdown that landed 14 suspects in jail on drug-related charges. The investigation took place over the last couple years, under the name Operation Headshop - Not for Human Consumption.

The investigation focused on the illegal sale of drug paraphernalia and the sale of spice, said Wendy Olson of the United State District Attorney.

According to U.S. Attorney Wendy J. Olson, the majority of the suspects and businesses involved in the raid are named in 11 separate federal indictments for selling drug paraphernalia at retail establishments.

The suspects and businesses include:

  • Bradley Berquist, 30, owner/operator of Twenty After, and Co-owner Gabriel Adama Busy, 37, of Boise
  • Thomas Blumke, 38, owner/operator of Other World Gallery, LLC, and manager Crystal Blumke, 32, both of Horshoe Bend
  • YokeFee Chan, 31, of Boise, owner/operator of Royal Smoke, LLC
  • Hannah Farrar, 24, of Boise, manager of Piece of Mind
  • Ali Mayid Kathem, 27, of Boise, employee of One Stop Smoke Shack
  • Antonio Mendoza, 33, of Eagle and Jennifer Dixon, 38, of Boise, employees of All Sunshine, LLC
  • William Oldenburg, 65, of Eagle, owner/operator of Boise Beverage and Tobacco and Pit Stop Express
  • Troy A. Rawlings, 32, of Meridian, present of RG Distributing, Inc., which owns the Smoke Shack and Smoke Shack 2
  • Adam Schreiner, 25, of Boise, owner/operator of Bernen's Pipe Shop
  • Raj V. Singh, age unknown, of Boise, owner manager of Wonderland Hookah and Tobacco Shop
  • Anthony Stoner, 33, of Eagle, owner/operator of Smoke-N-Accessories

Police say RG Distributing treasurer Jason Guerrero, 33, of Boise, along with Boise Beverage and Tobacco co-owner Donovan Johns, 27, of Meridian are also named in the federal indictment, but have not been arrested yet.

The charges of conspiracy to sell, offer for sale, and transport drug paraphernalia, offering drug paraphernalia for sale, and sale of drug paraphernalia, are each punishable by up to three years in prison, a maximum fine of $250,000, and up to one year of supervised released.

In addition to the conspiracy charges, Oldenburg and Johns also face up to ten years in prison, a maximum fine of $500,000, and up to three years supervised release, for conspiracy to structure financial transactions.

Boise police say more than 100 officers from several different agencies were involved in the bust, which they are calling Operation Headshop - Not For Human Consumption. They alsosay many of the tips they received in relation to bust came from area parents.

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