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BOISE -- South of Boise this past week, about 700 members of the Canadian Army Reserves 39 Brigade Group and the Arizona Army National Guard trained on tactics, techniques and procedures at the Idaho National Guard s Orchard Combat Training Center.

The exercise, known as Cougar Salvo 2012, gave the Canadian and American troops the opportunity to train in conditions similar to those they could face overseas. The Orchard Combat Training Center provides combat training opportunities analogous to those in Afghanistan.

The Canadian military, like the U.S. military and other NATO allies, is currently engaged in Afghanistan. Since 2006, over 500 reserve soldiers of the 39 Canadian Brigade Group have deployed to support that mission.

A spokesperson for the 39 Canadian Brigade Group praised the Idaho National Guard for their facility, the strengthening of cross-border military cooperation, and said the exercise achieved all of their objectives.

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