BOISE -- People who knew Sergeant Chris Workman knew him for helping others.

Workman and three other soldiers died in Afghanistan on Thursday when their Black Hawk helicopter crashed.

The soldiers were rushing to rescue an Afghan police officer who had been hurt in a suicide bomb attack when their helicopter went down.

That's the kind of person he was, said Very Reverent Nektarios Serfes, the head of Boise's Greek Orthodox Church. He'd be the first person there to help someone.

Serfes says Workman regularly helped out with church events, especially the Greek Food Festival.

Whenever we asked him to do anything he was quick to run and help us, said Serfes.

This past weekend, the Boise Greek Orthodox Church held a memorial for Workman.

The whole church was very much devastated, very much heart broken, said Serfes.

More than 100 people were at the memorial.

We feel very much at peace now for him because he loved God, and loved his church, and loved his wife, and he loved his child, and he loved his country, and that is what it's all about -- love, said Serfes.

Workman was well liked at his church. Serfes says it has given him peace to know he was also well liked by the men he served with. His soldiers and his commander appreciated his great talents and they looked up to him for guidance.

The church says no funeral arraignments have been made yet. The family is waiting for Workman's remains to be brought home to Idaho.

On Tuesday, the family released a statement saying in part, He loved his family very much, especially his wife Camille and his stepson Cole Hayes. He also loved his dog, a beagle named Lucky.... We want the world to know he will be missed by his loving family and by all who knew him.

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