BOISE -- Idaho's only African-American legislator is drawing national attention for something she received in the mail. Boise Rep. Cherie Buckner-Webb says she received a letter last week from the KKK.

Buckner-Webb posted the letter on her Facebook page. She says it was hand-addressed to her home in Boise. The letter asks her to join the KKK and to declare that she is white and not of racially mixed descent. It also asks her to declare that she does not date non-whites or have non-white dependents.

Buckner-Webb responded on her Facebook page saying, something a little unsettling.

The Knights Party website says the organization is based in Harrison, Arkansas. It says America's White Future Begins Here. The organization says their number one goal is to stop white genocide. Their application says the organization is legal and law-abiding and that members would never be asked to commit and unlawful act.

However, Buckner-Webb remains on guard, posting on her Facebook page, just reminds me to be vigilant.... a little disconcerting. Think someone is putting me on notice, huh?

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