EVERETT, Wash. -- An Everett mother was arrested Thursday with heroin, while her 2-year-old son had to be hospitalized because police said he was high on heroin too.

Camie Bena, 22, faces reckless endangerment and possession of heroin charges following a traffic stop that occurred Thursday night on Marine Drive in Everett.

Bena was arrested when an officer saw heroin paraphernalia in her purse. In the backseat, he stated he noticed the toddler in a carseat acting lethargic. Paramedics agreed he was intoxicated and transported him to Colby Hospital.

According to court documents, Bena said she smokes heroin and showed no remorse for using it in the car with the young child.

Bena's boyfriend was also arrested for giving officers a fake name with an outstanding warrant.

Another person in the car, sitting next to the toddler, was also high on heroin, officers said.

Custody of the boy was handed over to Child Protective Services.

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