More and more grocery stores are banning beef that includes pink slime. That's the name critics gave to what others call lean, finely textured beef.

Stores told KTVB's Portland affiliate KGW that feedback from customers convinced them to remove that beef.

Fred Meyer was the latest to say it would stop buying ground beef that has the ammonia-treated additive in it.

The store said it was getting emails and calls from customers about the product. A lot of them said they don't want to eat meat that contains the filler.

Customers like Elizabeth Orr called it welcome news.

It helps the consumer that hasn't researched it or isn't aware of it, Orr said. They're helping people make what I think is a better decision.

The store is part of a growing list of grocery chains that are going to stop buying ground beef with the additive.

Other stores that won't buy meat with pink slime include Target, Safeway, Whole Foods and Costco.

Pink slime is low quality and potentially dangerous, said OHSU nutritionist Michelle Hurn. For people on the fence, do your own research.

The USDA said the treated beef meets federal regulations. The beef industry said the process is safe, and has been around for 20 years.

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