MOUNTAIN HOME -- 300 airmen from Mountain Home Air Force Base have deployed to southwest Asia in support of F-15 fighter operations.

On Monday evening, KTVB found members of the 366th Fighter Wing finishing up their deployment paperwork inside a local base facility. Many were reflecting on the long flight ahead of them, and mentally preparing for a long deployment overseas.

Media representatives from Mountain Home Air Force Base say the airmen will be involved in close air support and combat in the region. Most are members of the 391st Fighter Squadron known as the Bold Tigers.

Many of the airmen told KTVB they had been spending Monday with family and loved ones. For some, the upcoming mission is a new experience in a new world. Yet for others, the possible combat mission is a second, third, or even fourth deployment.

Airman Curt Sadness has never been overseas before. Appearing both nervous and excited, he told KTVB I don't know what to expect.

Lt. Col. David Brynsteston is the commander of the 391st Fighter Squadron. Brynsteston says regardless of their experience, the Bold Tigers have been training for months to do the job. We are just ready to get out of town ... and get out there and support the troops on the ground, Brynesteston said.

When finished with the last-minute details, the fighter squadron boarded a military transport aircraft and left the tarmac at Mountain Home AFB just before 11:30 p.m. on Monday night.

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