BOISE Today will be one of the biggest days for Idaho in the Republican race for the White House. For the first time, Idaho will hold its own caucus election.

On Monday, just hours before the event starts, workers were inside Taco Bell Arena on the Boise State University campus were getting prepared for Tuesday.

We are preparing for as big of an audience that could be put in here, said John Roberts, who is in charge of booking and scheduling at Taco Bell Arena.

While it was busy at Taco Bell Arena, inside the headquarters of the Idaho Republican Party in downtown Boise is where all the real action will happen Tuesday night. Their doors will close promptly at 7:00 p.m.

The only people allowed inside are four staff members, an AP reporter, a legal advisor, and a representative for each GOP candidate.

It's something that we have been preparing for quite some time, said Executive Director for the Idaho Republican Party Jonathon Parker.

Parker said Monday; they've planned for all scenarios good and bad. If a county doesn't do a caucus and they throw up their hands and say we don't want any part of this delegates get allocated to the other counties and life goes on.

Idaho's major counties have also planned, on Monday officials in Canyon County held a mock caucus.

I think it should go fairly smooth. I think the system that we have set up is very quick, said Brandon Hixon, the Canyon County Republican Caucus Chair.

As many as 500 people could participate in Tuesday s Ada County caucus at Taco Bell Arena and officials there are hoping for a much bigger turnout.

I hope it's a huge smashing success but since this is the first caucus that has been done, there is no telling what could happen tomorrow, said Roberts.

The Republican Party does not really know what to expect for Super Tuesday either, but Parker says, the state's first ever caucus is a step forward for Idaho. This is probably the most comprehensive thing that we have put together and the most stressful and time consuming event that we have done but over all we think it's worth it and its going to pay off.

You don t have to pay to vote in the caucus, but it still costs to put one on. Hixon says in Canyon County, it cost as much as $30,000 to put on the caucus at the Idaho Center. The cost is paid for through donations.

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