BOISE --The third Republican presidential candidate in four days visited Idaho today as Governor Mitt Romney rallied supporters in Boise.

All of this, of course, leading up to the Republican Caucus, just over two weeks away.

After hosting a fundraising lunch at the Grove Hotel, Romney spoke at a free rally at Guerdon Enterprises, a local modular building company, in Boise.

The crowds for Republican candidates in Idaho this week continue to impress.

After Rick Santorum packed in close to 2,000 at Capital High School, and Ron Paul got 1,300 on short notice in Twin Falls, this crowd, in the middle of the day on a weekday, was well over 1,000.

After an introduction by Gov. Butch Otter, Romney came out to big cheers and started with a story about how he lived in King Hill, Idaho, for a summer.

Romney then laid out his platform that includes repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, cutting the budget, increasing military spending, passing a balanced budget amendment, and reforming Medicare and Social Security.

KTVB's Mark Johnson got a one-on-one interview with Romney, and among other things, talked to him about his Mormon faith.

Rick Santorum has received a big boost from evangelical Christians recently, and overtook Romney in many polls.

Mark asked Romney if he feels unease about his religion in other parts of the U.S. contributed to that.

Romney said he's proud of his faith, but also...

Most people in this country don't choose a leader based upon which church he goes to. They want someone who they think can get America strong again, who's a fiscal conservative, who can shrink the size of government. Rick Santorum may have the support of some evangelical pastors, not all, obviously, I got a lot of support too. But when it comes to choosing a fiscal conservative, I'm the fiscal conservative in this race. I'm the guy that balanced the budget all four years. I'm the guy who cut taxes 19 times. Rick Santorum is the guy who raised the debt ceiling five times without compensating cuts in federal spending. Also, during his time in office, government grew 80 percent, said Romney.

Romney also reminded people about the Idaho Republican Caucus on March 6th, no doubt hoping to take Idaho's 32 delegates -- as are Paul, Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.

Romney will stay in the West tomorrow, holding a rally Saturday night in Salt Lake City.

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