BOISE -- Frontier Airlines is ending service to and from the Boise Airport. In an email received Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the airline says the service did not prove to be successful. She also says airport customer service was contracted out, so the decision will not affect any Frontier employees.

Frontier Airlines has been at the Boise Airport for years; nearly three years ago it decided to limit service to the summer months with two daily flights to and from Denver. The carrier was set to reopen its counters as usual in April, but this month, the Boise Airport found out the airline isn't coming.

About two weeks ago, we had been discussing having their stuff coming back in, setting up their ticket counter again, putting in the computer system etc. And they gave us a call and said, it's just the numbers aren't working for us and we have an opportunity for another city with that limited aircraft, so that's how it works. They've got to make money and they had competition on the route here, so it's understandable, Patti Miller, Boise Airport, said.

The inter-airport competition, Southwest and United, will continue to fly to Denver, with the current total of eight flights per day.

Miller isn't sure where Frontier will put the airplanes it's taking from Boise, but she says in the current economic climate, every airline is always shopping for the best business match for profit.

The airline leaving doesn't have anything to do with passenger numbers, says Miller. She says numbers have been relatively the same from 2010 to 2011. Competition and profitability were the driving factors. Additionally, Miller says it's a change other airports are seeing too.

It is an industry wide trend. As fuel rates change and the business climate continues to change, carriers, again to say the same phrase, are doing the best to make sure their resources, which is their aircraft and their staffing are in the best possible place for them to earn a profit, Miller said.

In 2011, the Boise Airport saw a lot of leaving. In the summer, Southwest announced it would cancel direct flights to Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Reno. Alaska added some Seattle flights to take over the day Southwest stopped flying there.

In November, American Eagle announced it would leave Boise after only 8 months of service to and from Los Angeles. In December, Seaport announced it would no longer offer flights to Idaho Falls.

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