BURBANK, CA - She's at it again! Idaho centenarian Dorothy Custer was back on the couch with Jay Leno - this time on Valentine's Day.

You might remember Custer - she appeared with Leno in June - she played the harmonica, cracked jokes and made quite an impressions. That video is the most-viewed story EVER on KTVB.COM - more than 800,000 views so far.

Tuesday, Leno welcomed Custer to the stage as the band played Isn't She Lovely.

Custer quickly paid Leno a compliment. She said he looked much better than the last time they met in June.

I don't know if you dressed up more or if my eyes aren't as good!

Custer told Jay and the audience stories of her life. Once when she was 24 (more than 75 years ago) she and a girlfriend travelled to San Diego by car. The '28 Chevy Couple had a manual windshield wiper that didn't work as well as you might like in a rain storm.

When it rained, you couldn't keep the windshield clean. So I'd lean my head out the window!

Jay asked if she'd been recognized much. She said she had, but had one particularly odd encounter back at home in the Magic Valley. A woman walked up to her and said she knew her -- not from the Tonight Show - but somewhere else.

'You look like Helen Brown,' Custer said the woman told her. Misunderstanding the name Helen Brown for the phrase hell in brown, Custer thought for a moment and responded. I don't look good in yellow either!

Just like last year's appearance, Jay showed a picture of Custer in her younger days doing gymnastics. The photo showed Dorothy in a revealing outfit in an athletic pose. She said it was part of a plan:

I was a bashful kid. I didn't have many dates, she said. SO I was trying to attract some of 'em!

As Custer told Brian Holmes last week, she has a few secrets to her long life that she repeated for Leno:

Laughter. Look forward instead of backward. Exercise and eat right. Think positive.

Custer wrapped up by serenading Leno with a rendition of Let Me Call You Sweetheart, as she held the host's hand.

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