BOISE -- The continuous snowfall in Boise is creating delays for travelers coming in and out of the Boise Airport today.

So far, more than three inches of snow has been recorded at the airport. Crews are working around the clock to keep the runways, taxiways, ramps and parking lots clear of snow.

A crew of 12 people have the task of keeping the runways clear so planes can land and depart. Operations officials say their primary goal is to keep the airport open, even during a snowstorm.

There are two parallel runways at the Boise Airport that are used for landing and taking off. One runway is being kept open at all times. Crews are going back and forth clearing the runways, while planes use the open one for landing and taking off. That process will continue until Mother Nature provides some relief.

Crews also use a specially-designed car to test the runway for friction. The car drives along the runway and then slams on the brakes to see how much time it takes to come to a stop. That test helps them keep the runways safe for planes coming and going from Boise.

There have been some weather-related delays and cancellations today. If you are traveling to Portland or Seattle, those cities are get hit hard with snow and rain. Travelers are urged to check ahead with their airlines before heading out today.

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