BOISE The Boise Fire Department was called to the report of 5th wheel trailer on fire Thursday evening and trapped inside was a dozen animals.

The owners of the trailer were not at home when the fire broke out, but their new litter of puppies along with two cats and two adult dogs were.

The puppies made it out alive but veterinarians can't say for sure if the puppies will survive because after breathing in heavy smoke and getting doused with water they are in pretty tough shape.

The crew at the Idaho Humane society in Boise was at work late Thursday, trying to get the temperature of the puppies to rise.

Their temperature is a major concern at this point especially for such young animals, said Humane Society vet Tetyana Gephard.

The puppies are only a couple of weeks old and already the odds are stacked against them. It wasn t long before the Humane Society staff got them that they were trapped inside that burning 5th wheel trailer.

Boise Fire responded to a parking lot off Broadway that serves as long-term parking for patients at St Luke's Medical Center. Witnesses told Boise Police officers that 3 adults live inside the trailer because a loved one is being cared for at the hospital. No one except the animals were at home.

As soon as we popped the door open one puppy fell out so we had a good idea there was more puppies in there, said Boise senior firefighter Randy Christensen.

There was more puppies inside, a total of 8 puppies, two cats and two adult dogs. When the firefighters realized the trailer was filled with animals they knew they had to act fast.

As soon as we got oxygen on the puppies they started breathing and whimpering a little bit, said Christensen.

Boise firefighters use small pet masks to get air flowing through the lungs of animals that get trapped in burning structures.

You slide the animal s snout here and they are getting 100 percent concentration of oxygen, said Boise firefighter Brian Barber. They are brand new little balls of life you want to try and save them and I think everyone kind of has a soft spot for animals, he said.

It turned out pretty good, but they (puppies) aren't out of the woods yet, said Christensen.

The 8 puppies and two cats will need round the clock supervision in the coming days, because their lungs are fragile and for now, it's the Humane Society workers that will care for the animals until the family is back on their feet.

The two adult dogs inside the RV died in the fire, and the family who owns the 5th wheel trailer is getting assistance from the Boise Fire Union Burnout Fund.

Boise Fire Department also stresses that people who are living in trailers or RV's to still install smoke detectors.

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