BOISE -- A local Holocaust survivor is sharing her story of survival by educating many of Idaho s youth about human rights.

Rose Beal was 11 years old and lived in Frankfurt, Germany when Hitler's Nazis took over her country. While thousands of Jews were killed, she survived the infamous raids of 1938 known as The Night of Broken Glass. She uses her life story to ensure the Holocaust is not forgotten.

I consider it really my duty to let our next generations and the younger people know what it is like when our human rights are violated, Beal said. You can t lose your human rights. They are your birth rights, but they can be violated.

Beal was just 17 years old and had $2.50 in her pocket when she arrived on United States soil in 1939. She presently gives tours at Anne Frank Memorial in Boise.

Her friends say she has lived an amazing life. So when she turned 90 years old, naturally, she wanted a big birthday party. Her birthday celebration Sunday night at the Idaho Historical Museum raised money to keep human rights education going strong in Idaho.

One of the things that I enjoy about Rose is how she has an ability to be a friend to anyone and that friendship really crosses generations, said Amy Herzfeld, who worked with Beal for a number of years. There are many years between us, but I can have a conversation with her like a peer.

Donors to the Human Rights Education Center of Idaho have pledged to give $90 a month to the organization for the year 2012 in honor of Beal.

Beal said she was happy to be turning 90 years old, but she is hoping there is another twenty-some years to come so she can continue to tell her story.

To learn more or donate to the Center, click here.

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