BOISE-- When the clock struck midnight, Black Friday shoppers were ready.

Some people had lined up days before to make sure they were the first ones in each store to get the best deals.

Shoppers were buying electronics, toys for the kids, clothes and much more.

Some people planned out their shopping route, dividing up family members to cover the store faster.

We have people all over, we have people in the kids department, we're in the linens department, we have an aunt that is down in the clothing department, we've got it covered, said Jess Huntington, a Black Friday shopper inside of Kohl's.

Others just showed up and made their way through the aisles looking for deals.

Some shoppers planned to go to one store and go back to bed but others planned to spend all day searching for good deals and crossing things off of their holiday gift list.

With all of the shoppers out and about, Boise Police are warning shoppers of potential pitfalls that could make them easy targets for criminals.

Officers say it is best to shop during the day or with a friend. They are reminding shoppers to stay alert and avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Also, the police department encourages people to always lock your doors and do not leave your gifts near windows where they can be easily seen.

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