BOISE -- University of Idaho officials say at least one police officer knew of alleged gun threats against a graduate student before she was shot and killed by a professor she had been dating.

The school issued a statement Wednesday saying a police officer included on a threat assessment team was made aware of the threats that 22-year-old Katie Benoit reported.

Benoit complained to the university in June that professor Ernesto Bustamante had threatened her with a firearm three separate times during the relationship.

Moscow Police Chief David Duke said Friday he was unaware of gun threats until after Bustamante shot and killed Benoit on Aug. 22 and committed suicide.

On Wednesday, Duke said the officer on the assessment team reported after the shooting that the team had brief talks about gun threats.

Meanwhile, Katy Benoit's family appears ready to take legal action against the university. They released this statement to the media Wednesday:

We informed the University several weeks ago that we have retained legal representation. The proper channels of communication have been opened. Our question all along has been, 'What did the University know, when did they know it and how did they respond?' Our intention is to bring as much good from this situation as possible and to ensure that positive changes are made so that future students are safe and respected, and that this kind of tragedy never happens again.

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