BOISE -- The man accused of murdering Meridian attorney Emmett Corrigan in a Walgreens parking lot earlier this year is back in jail. A judge revoked bond for Rob Hall, saying he violated his conditions of release by speaking to his wife, whom prosecutors say was an eyewitness.

Hall been free since the end of March when he posted his $1 million bond. According to past court hearings, Hall's mother put up the necessary money with a bail bonds company for Hall to be released.

Prosecutors say Rob Hall was in contact with his wife, Kandi Hall, while out on bond. Prosecutors say she's a material witness important to the case, and the judge told Rob Hall they couldn't talk to each other if he was released.

The judge heard arguments from both sides before making the decision to take away his bond and having him sent to jail.

Prosecutors say Hall has been working at the same law office as his wife, Kandi Hall, and say the two have been talking and texting on cell phones over the past four months. They say Rob Hall was using a work cell phone, and Kandi Hall was using a cell phone she paid a co-worker to use.

Records introduced in court showed in one day, the phones had sent text messages back and forth, and they also showed a few phone calls, one of which was more than an hour in length.

The phone records can't lie. We have phone records that show that Robert Hall's work phone is talking to Kandi Hall's phone, Deputy Attorney General Melissa Moody said.

Hall's defense attorney argued that the Hall's employer made sure they were not in the office at the same time, and that prosecutors could not prove the phones were actually being used by Rob and Kandi Hall.

There's no showing that if the 18 phone calls listed in the exhibit are the one's they're claiming are actual contact between Rob Hall and Kandi Hall. They haven't proven it even for purposes of more likely than not or even maybe, he argued.

Ultimately, the judge felt there was enough evidence to prove they were the ones using the phones and the two had been in communication.

The family of the victim in this case, Emmett Corrigan, for months has been upset at Hall's release. Corrigan's stepbrother Jason Blackwell says there is now worry about what damage there may be to the case if Rob Hall talked to his wife about it.

We totally suspected they were talking to each other. There was no doubt about it in our minds. I mean, they're married, they have kids, and the fact that he's out on bail and she's the main witness, the prime witness, or the only witness, to have no contact... it's just appalling to think that they wouldn't [talk]. Blackwell said.

Blackwell's mother was in court for the bond hearing. He says she called him after the judge made his decision.

It made me have goosebumps. I was very pleased. We're very happy that he's in jail and in custody, Blackwell said. He shouldn't be out on bail. He should be behind bars, in custody, until his trial. He's proven that he can't be trusted. He's proven that he can't listen to a judge's ruling.

Hall's attorney declined to comment after the hearing.

Hall will be back in court in two weeks where the judge may hear more about his bond. With his bond now revoked, he'll be in jail until then. His murder trial is scheduled to begin on May 7, 2012.

Because Hall's mother was putting money toward what's known as a 'premium' with the bail agency, a bond expert explained she will not get that money back. It's likely the total she will lose is $100,000 (a standard 10% of the bond amount). The company she used explains on its website that it retains the premium regardless of outcome. That money from the revoked bond could not be used for any future bond agreements.

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