BOISE --- Some doctors are once again making house calls. St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise recently unveiled their new Mobile Health Clinic. Doctors are using the mobile unit to reach patients who can't go to their clinics.

The van is very well outfitted; it s got everything we need to do a primary healthcare visit, said Dr. Chip Roser.

The mobile unit is designed to bring healthcare to populations in and around Boise that can't easily access healthcare on their own.

They walk out their front door and they can be seen, said Roser.

On Monday, the mobile clinic was at an apartment complex in Boise that houses refugees from all over the world.

They come to us with a huge lag of healthcare. They've been in refugee camps from anywhere between five to 25 years with very limited access to healthcare, said Roser.

Dilli Mainali came to Boise just a month and a half ago from Bhutan. He's being treated by Dr. Roser for issues with his foot.

It's important that I'm getting help and I'm getting medication also, Mainali told us through an interpreter. There we did not get proper medication, but here we are getting proper medication.

Dr. Roser says although the thought of making house call is a distant memory for most, it s rewarding to offer this type of service to some of Idaho's newest residents.

They basically come from a place that has no healthcare what so ever. I think that they're very appreciative that we're trying to care for them and meet their healthcare needs, said Roser.

Those receiving care today were on Medicaid. The mobile unit was purchased thanks to a grant from Wal-Mart and the St. Alphonsus Foundation. Officials with St. Alphonsus say they're continuing to add new locations where they plan on seeing patients with the mobile unit.

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