BOISE -- After the defense rested, the prosecution then cross-examined Daniel Ehrlick.

Their focus was to challenge Ehrlick's credibility and character.

The prosecution questioned Ehrlick for about 15 minutes Monday.

Much of the questioning centered around Melissa Jenkins' son, Aidan.

The defense portrayed Daniel Ehrlick as a good father figure to Robert Manwill's baby brother and Melissa Jenkins' other son, Aidan.

I just believed that he had to have a father, said Ehrlick.

Ehrlick testified that even though he knew Aidan wasn't his biological son, he and Jenkins agreed to put Ehrlick's name on the birth certificate.

It was pretty much in the means of we just kind of came to that decision. It would probably be best, you know. Nobody else wanted him, said Ehrlick.

You did that and then treated him like your son? asked Public Defender Gus Cahill.

Correct, replied Ehrlick.

But questioning by Prosecutor Jill Longhurst portrayed Ehrlick as a different man.

You said you wanted to be a father to Aidan because nobody else was willing to do so. Correct? asked Longhurst.

Correct, replied Ehrlick.

And that's not true, is it? asked Longhurst.

No, that is true, replied Ehrlick.

They tried to show Ehrlick as a man who lies.

You told your dad and other folks that Aidan was your biological child. Is that correct? asked Longhurst.

That's correct, replied Ehrlick.

And that wasn't true? asked Longhurst.

That is not true, replied Ehrlick.

The prosecution says even though Ehrlick knew he wasn't the biological father, he told a judge at a shelter care hearing in 2008 that he was. The prosecution says Ehrlick even signed a sworn affidavit under oath.

Essentially, you were lying to Judge Minder and the courts there because you knew you were not Aidan's biological father, said Longhurst.

Yeah, and they knew as well, said Ehrlick.

And you were trying to commit a fraud on the court? asked Longhurst.

No, at that time this was brought to me by Melissa and she... replied Ehrlick.

Sir, I didn't ask you to explain it. You knew that this document signed under oath, under penalty of perjury, was a lie, said Longhurst.

No, I did not know that this was... replied Ehrlick who was interrupted again during his testimony.

Ehrlick indicated it wasn't a lie because he didn't know what he was signing.

Yeah, I didn't read that, said Ehrlick.

But shortly later, Ehrlick changed his answer.

So you presented false testimony to Judge Minder representing yourself to be Aidan's biological father. Correct? asked Longhurst.

Yes, replied Ehrlick.

The prosecution then began to try to show Ehrlick was not the good father-figure as portrayed by the defense. They didn't get very far before the trial ended for the day.

The prosecution will likely continue that line of questioning Tuesday when the trial resumes.

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