BOISE -- Renowned Basque chefs are in Boise this week for a series of events. They're cooking up some delicious dishes, but that's not the main reason they're in town.

Cenarrusa Foundation Board Member Gloria Totoricaguena says Thursday's dinner is much more than just a good meal.

That's what cuisine brings, you sit to have a meal and you exchange in conversation and ideas and that's what comes from those meals, said Totoricaguena.

The cooking classes are just one of many cultural exchanges the foundation has planned.

That agreement is for intercultural exchange as a base and using that to break off into economic development, using culture as a base but looking at identity, looking at culture, looking at sociological issues, looking at business issues, said Totoricaguena.

They hope each exchange brings with it the exchange of ideas.

We look at scientific innovation, we look at educational innovation and we say, what can the universities in the Basque Country learn from the University of Idaho's Potato Research Program in Caldwell. What can the wine industry in the Basque Country learn from the winery's in the Snake River Valley, said Totoricaguena.

Labin Arana, a chef from Bilbao in the Basque Country, sees the importance of exchanges like these.

Wherever I go, I learn. I always go home with something more, said Arana.

Totoricaguena says that's exactly the goal. We learn from each other's cultures.

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