PAYETTE - Police say three people went on a crime spree near the Idaho-Oregon border that involved firebombs, burglaries and a stolen cache of weapons.

It unfolded early Friday morning in Payette County. Fruitland Police Chief J.D. Huff says two men and a teen girl are responsible for the string of crimes they were tipped off to when someone called the Payette Fire Department to report a vehicle fire in the City of Payette. Crews responded and found a pickup truck with an ATV fully engulfed in flames.

Then - moments later - another fire call came in, this time at the Western Core Company mill on 6th Avenue South. A shed that holds wood used to build doors fueled the massive fire that lit up the night sky.

Next, police pulled over a car with three people inside: Donovan Bolen, 21, David Vonbargen, 48 and an unidentified juvenile female in Fruitland.

We found several guns in the bed of the pick-up along with some handguns, said JD Huff, Fruitland Police Chief.

After some investigation, they say the weapons were stolen from the nearby World's Largest Pawn Shop.

As police continued to look into the crimes, they say it became apparent all three were linked and say the three worked together to set the fires. Police say they used a firebomb known as a Molotov cocktail to start the fires.

Back at the mill fire, fire crews decided they had to let the building burn - instead focusing on making sure the flames didn't spread to other nearby buildings and homes. Wood inside the shed fueled the fire - which burned for several hours, with crews saying it may continue through Friday night.

As soon as they started hitting the building with their water it actually went from an orange glow to a basically it just looked like a bunch of smoke after that, witness Dennis Barnett said.

The manager of the plant said they will keep going.

It is devastating, I mean there's no doubt, Brent Thompson with Wood Core said. We'll recover from it. And it's not going to stop us from manufacturing. Thank God. We'll get back to work on Tuesday.

The ATV and truck fire destroyed both vehicles - burning the ATV down to nothing but its metal frame.

The two adults sit in jail on a variety of charges. Vonbargen faces charges of arson in the third degree for the car fire and arson in the second degree for the storage shed fire - as well as burglary.

Bolen is charged with two charges of aiding and abetting arson for the fires - as well as burglary. Bond has been set at $250,000 for each of the men.

Anne-Marie Kelso, the Payette County Prosecutor says the men could face additional charges.

The duo will have their preliminary hearing in June.

The status of the juvenile female has not been released.

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