BOISE -- There are more complications surrounding the court proceedings with Tamarack Resort.

Fourth District Judge Michael McLaughlin issued a warrant to get Tamarack's majority owner into court after he skipped a hearing earlier this week.

Wednesday's hearing was to disclose the assets of Jean-Pierre Boespflug after Bank of America won a $4.9 million judgment over ski lifts and other equipment installed at the Donnelly resort.

Boespflug's attorney, TJ Angstman, said in court Wednesday he tried to contact his client before the hearing.Hewent to Boespflug's last known address, a home in the Boise foothills, buthe was not there.

Mr. Boespflug is not here, Mr. Angstman, can you give me an update as far as you know his status? asked Judge McLaughlin.

Your Honor, I drove this morning to Boespflug's last known address to see if I could have a discussion with him about today's hearing.It does not appear anyone is residing at the last known address that I have, replied Angstman.

Angstman told the judge that Boespflug knew of the court proceedings. He then asked to be withdrawn from the case.

We cannot represent the client without violating rules that govern our conduct and so we would appreciate the sooner we could withdraw the better, said Angstman.

Brad Goergen, one of the attorneys who represents the Bank of America, told the judge he believes Boespflug is hiding assets in a company that was established in Nevada in order to protect his assets from the lawsuit.

There is enough red flags there to provide concrete evidence that Mr. Boespflug is attempting to shield his assets and fraudulently convey them away, so we think speed is important here, said Goergen.

That's why Goergen asked the judge to issue a warrant for $3.5 million. He called Boespflug a flight risk. The judge granted the request.

The warrant also stipulates that Boespflug pay $25,000 a day until he turns himself in.

We tried to contact Boespflug Friday but have not heard back from him. His whereabouts remain unknown.

A contempt hearing has been scheduled for May 26th.

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