McCALL - Wednesday Live Tour rolled into what many Idahoans consider their second home: McCall. Mother Nature served up a world-class day, with just a few clouds in the sky and 61 degrees.

Our fleet of news cars, sat truck and dozen or so people set up shop between Hotel McCall and Legacy Park. Reporters fanned out across the area - even covering some breaking news nearby.

As we arrived, sheets of ice sat on top of Payette Lake - but as the day progressed it continued to melt and drift toward the lake's outlet into the Payette River. As news time arrived the lake had mostly returned to its summer state - with its trademark brilliant blue color.

Dozens of kids streamed by our location on bikes and on foot, asking a few questions and checking out our setup. We setup six separate cameras to capture the beauty of this red-letter day - including a dock cam, and camera perched on a balcony at the nearby Hotel. The sun was so bright that several of our photographers were forced to put coats over their heads to block out the light so they could see their computer screens to edit.

With a week that started in Twin Falls with windy, cold conditions, that prompted our crews to scramble for extra coats and gloves - we now are enjoying temperatures so hot and sun so bright that a quick trip to Paul's for sunscreen became a necessity.

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