GLENNS FERRY -- The small town of Glenns Ferry is home to 1,600 people -- and it is also home to two potato storage sites.

KTVB got a glimpse at just how much actually goes into farming and storing potatoes.

The potatoes kept in the cellar we toured today were harvested in October, but they will be stored until June or even July.

Holding onto potatoes helps to keep the market from becoming saturated.

Many of the potatoes raised and stored in Glenns Ferry will end up at the Simplot factory in Caldwell.

Justin Wootan is a third generation potato farmer. He says technology is what allows them to store potatoes for such an extended period of time.

We put it these ventilation pipes that you see and we are equipped with the latest air ventilation systems that will actually pump air through those pipes, Wootan explained. And we have different temperature sensors that we put in the pile to maintain a set temperature and we gradually cool the potatoes down for storage through the winter.

Wootan says the equipment used to farm potatoes is much the same as its always been, but the modifications such a GPS technology make farming more accurate.

The potatoes KTVB saw Tuesday are Idaho potatoes, grown for Idahoans. Even much of the equipment used and the storage facility itself are products of Idaho.

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