BOISE -- There were more protests Saturdayagainst Tom Luna's education reform plan.

Dozens of people braved the rain at a student-organized rally on the steps of the Idaho Statehouse.

Organizers said they wanted to show that student protests are about more than just getting out of school.

I had been texting one of my friends, and we had been discussing all of the student walkouts, and how frustrating it was that by supporting education, students were leaving school, said Heidi Hughes, who helped organize the rally. And we thought that that was a paradox within itself.

We just thought it was really important to be organized, and eloquent with our execution of the rally, said another organizer, Maddie Hanhardt. Because we feel previous student walkouts haven't been very educated, and haven't been very organized.

Teachers and parents also protested in several areas of the Treasure Valley, including onthe corner of Fairview and Eagle as well as in Nampa near Karcher Mall.

They carried signs withmessages like Where was this plan in November? and You can't put students first if you put teachers last.

Organizers of the rally at the Capitol said there were also demonstrationsin Richfield, Lewiston and Coeur d'Alene.

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