BOISE -- Education reform hit a roadblock Tuesday when one of the key bills was shelved in the Senate Education Committee.

Today in the House Education Committee it was full speed ahead during the second day of public testimony.

Meanwhile, students gathered at the Capitol for a third day of protests.

Inside the Statehouse, testimony continued on education reform, specifically on two bills regarding pay-for-performance and collective bargaining for teachers.

We do need to have it studied, we need to understand what the impact is going to be on the students before we pass this bill and before we create a problem, said Janet Orndorff, Boise School Board Trustee.

We are all waiting for Superman, we hope that you will step up to the plate and be that Superman for Idaho, for the education of our children please vote 'yes' for these bills and be the agent of change that we need, said Jane Wittmeyer, Coalition of Idaho Charter School Families.

A majority of the people who came to testify were against the reform bills.

Some complained the bills had not been researched enough, that they do not consider key stakeholders and that they are being rushed through the legislative process.

On Tuesday, the bill that dealt with increasing technology in classrooms and that outlined paying for education reform was shelved in the Senate Education Committee.

As the House Education Committee worked on wrapping up public testimony, a group of middle school students were outside the Capitol protesting the proposed education reform.

The Boise Police Department said that while protests like this are between students and parents, safety is their primary concern and police will respond to keep kids safe. A teacher told us that students who skipped class to protest will be counted as truant.

There were a few other student walkouts today over the education reform bill.

A group of Mountain View High School students walked out of school this morning and marched from their Meridian campus to the school district headquarters, and then returned to school.

Students from South Junior High School in Boise also protested at the Statehouse this morning. Boise Police estimate 130 students were escorted from school to the Capitol by six traffic officers.

Jerome High School students held an on-campus protest Wednesday and plan to march to the county courthouse Friday.

Students in Kuna walked to Kuna City Hall this morning to voice their concerns over the reform bills.

And at 3:30 p.m., teachers in Kuna are planning to gather on the grounds of Kuna High School. According to one teacher there, the education bills will have a huge negative effect on the quality of education in the district.

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