BOISE -- The story of a Boise man who disappeared in 2007 aired Monday on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

33-year-old Jeramy Burt hasn't been seen in years and his family hopes the national attention will prompt new information to help them understand what happened.

Burt's case is an open missing persons investigation but police believe foul play is involved.

His family has waited nearly four years for some clue. Monday s program could give them what they need.

In February 2007, Jeramy Burt of Boise vanished. Left behind: his home, family and 4 year old daughter.

Van Burt was one of the last people to see his son.

In my own heart, I believe that he no longer walks physically upon the earth, said Van Burt.

Months after Jeramy Burt disappeared, the charred remains of the car he was driving were discovered in a southern Idaho desert.

Investigators were unable to find any clues.

We went out and sifted through the car and looked for remains, artifacts or anything like that, anything that would indicate there was a person or persons in the vehicle and we found absolutely nothing, Chief Deputy Bruce Cameron of the Owyhee County Sheriff's Office in 2007.

Is it like Jeramy to walk away from his life? No. His family? Absolutely not. His daughter? No, definitely. His daughter was his life, and always will be, said Van Burt.

Van Burt believes Jeramy's romantic relationship with a former Boise attorney has something to do with the disappearance.

But police have not named any suspects, nor have they discussed any new developments with the family.

Van Burt prays viewers of the Investigation Discovery channel will see his son's story and give detectives a new lead.

Maybe it will spark some memory in the individual and remind them of what they saw, what transpired because someone had to have seen something, somewhere, somehow, said Van Burt.

Police ask you call them if you have any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

The program is called Disappeared and airs Monday at 8pm and 10pmon the Investigation Discovery channel.

It's also scheduled to run on Sunday afternoon.

For show times, click here.

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