BOISE -- The race for Idaho's Second Congressional District is relatively quiet, but Rep. Mike Simpson will have an opponent on the November ballot.

He's Democrat Mike Crawford who works as a public defender in Elmore County.

However, Crawford says the only reason he will be on the ballot come November is because no other Democrat wants to run against Simpson.

Crawford went into this thinking that he would be a placeholder for the Democratic Party, meaning that he never had any intention in actually running a campaign.

His name only makes it so the Democrats can have someone on the November ballot. Now it looks like that someone will be Crawford.

Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Jim Hanson approached Crawford earlier this year, asking him to put his name on a major ticket.

Crawford agreed, thinking it would only be temporary.

Now it looks as though what was once intended to be temporary will be permanent.

Crawford says he is not out shaking hands and kissing babies. He doesn't even have bumper stickers, signs and buttons.

I'm not anticipating that I'm going to run a full fledged active campaign. Why not? I simply don't have the time, I don't have any real expectation that I'm going to win, and I'm frankly not that dissatisfied with Mike Simpson as my congressman. By in large he's done an okay job for the state, said Crawford.

Crawford says the only reason he is keeping his name on the ballot is so that people have a choice when they vote.

He firmly believes in choice and feels that political discussion and debate are vital to good policy.

Idaho State law says a candidate can act as a placeholder until Sept. 7.

That date is two weeks away, if no one steps up before then - Crawford's name will be on the ballot next to Mike Simpson.

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