NORTHSPOKANE-- Bikini Baristas in North Spokane are atthe center of a clothing controversy.

Some locals claim the outfits atBig Shots Espresso at Lidgerwood and Francis have crossed the line.

The girls say they re just trying to have fun at work. In fact, they were comfortable enough to let KREM 2 News videotape them at work.

The owner says the girls make up to $19 an hour.

But not everyone likes it. One woman says she found it shocking to see the ladies out dressed like porn stars and prostitutes trying to sell coffee.

The baristas say they ve heard the complaints before. One woman got so heated last week, the owner had to call police. A barista says the woman pulled over in the parking lot and walked from window to window causing a scene. The baristas ended up locking the windows. The woman was gone by the time police arrived and the girls say she hasn't been back since.

Some of the customers say they back the girls 100%. One woman told KREM 2 News, You can only look like that for so long in your life, ladies get over it. So what if your man looks at them, so what? I think what they re doing is great.

The owner says when police came out last week, they were told they re not doing anything wrong. The owner also mentioned if she couldn t run a stand like this, she wouldn t have one at all.

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