BOISE -- There could be relief in sight for many Medicaid providers who have not been reimbursed for claims, but some are still hesitant it will help.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare says checks will be issued to all Medicaid providers next week. Many providers have experienced problems due to not getting paid on time.

That's why Health and Welfare says they've decided on this course of action to make sure these struggling businesses remain open.

I'm excited, I'll hopefully be sleeping better, said Stephanie Whipps.

Whipps says she's had multiple sleepless nights not knowing how she's going to keep her business afloat, but now there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

It's a little bit of relief, but until it's in the bank I'm a little bit nervous, said Whipps.

Whipps has owned the Idaho Center for Autism in Boise for four years.

Because of problems with Idaho's new Medicaid reimbursement systems, Whipps says her claims haven't been paid on time. The system is run by a company called Molina.

We have come up with a solution to provide some relief to Medicaid providers who have not seen the bulk of their claims from June yet, said Emily Simnitt.

Health and Welfare spokeswoman Emily Simnitt says in response to the delayed payments the state will be paying out 80 percent of what all Medicaid providers were paid for the month of April. Those checks are expected to arrive on Monday.

We know it's been a very difficult time for them. This plan should provide some relief for them while the system continues to be improved and get up to speed, and get all of those backlogged claims taken care of, said Simnett.

We keep going week by week. A Monday payment would mean we'd last another week or two. That's the best we can do, said Whipps.

For Whipps, she says this is a temporary fix to a bigger problem.

The Molina system really has to be worked out for me to feel good that we'll be stable through October and September and so on to work out those glitches for us, said Whipps.

In a cost-saving measure by the state, Medicaid claims weren't paid for the month of June, and then this new Medicaid reimbursement system took over in July, leaving some with little to no payments for close to two months.

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