VALLEY COUNTY --Many residents in Valley Countyare still without powerafter a powerful storm Monday night knocked down trees and power poles.

Idaho Powercrews have been working since around 9 p.m. Mondaywhen a strong storm caused a major outage stretching from Garden Valley toNew Meadows.

The outagewas reported at 8:30p.m. and affectedabout 18,000 customers.

Currently, about 4,000 customers are still without power, including the Donnelly area.

We understand that this weather-caused outage has impacted many of our customers, and we are devoting a large number of resources to the restoration of power, said Brent Lulloff, Idaho Power Canyon-West regional manager. We sent 13 people from our Payette and Nampa offices last night to assist our McCall crew, and they all worked through the night. This morning alone we sent an additional four crews up from the Treasure Valley to help. We re also pulling one crew in from Riggins. That s a total of seven additional crews plus McCall working to safely restore power to customers as quickly as possible.

Officials says large sections of power lines were knocked down and it could take a couple of days to get them repaired and working again. Crews will be working around the clock until the power is restored.

Idaho Poweradvises residents to turn off all appliances, machinery and equipment that was in use when the powerwent out, (including the furnace/air conditioner) except for one light. When this light comes on, it will be your signal power has been restored.

Also, turning off everything else will help protect your appliances against voltage fluctuations that may happen if a circuit overloads when power is restored.

Once power has been restored, wait 30 minutes and begin turning home appliances and lighting back on in 10-minute intervals.

These precautions help circuits from overloading when power is restored.

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