BOISE -- A Boise man accused of killing his infant daughter made his first court appearance Monday.

Ajudge ordered 50-year-old Jeffery Baker to remain in jailwithout bond.

Baker ischarged with first-degree murder. When authorities charged Baker, he was already in the Ada County Jail on a parole violation.

Baker is accused of killing his 11-week-old daughter Gracelynn Baker last month.

Authorities believe the baby s death was the result of head trauma -- better known as shaken baby syndrome.

Watching the proceedings inside the courtroom Monday afternoon was Shawna LeBleu, Gracelynn's mother. LeBleu declinedan on camera interview, but agreed to answer some questions.

She doesn't believe Baker hurt the baby intentionally saying she never saw a violent bone in his body.

LeBleu said that Baker had extended home visits from the state of Idaho until she completed treatments for overcoming addiction. LeBleu added she was supposed to be granted home visits as well, just days after the baby's death.

I don't know whose fault this is, but whoever's fault it is isn't going to bring her back, saidLeBleu.

Authorities believe the infantsuffered ahead trauma in Baker's southeast Boise home on May 10. Gracelynn died four days later.

Dr. Hansle Ashby, an emergency room doctor at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, explained what kind of trauma it takes to inflict those types of injuries.

Routine things that we do with our kids, playful things, bouncing them on the knee, hugging them and playful interactions do not cause brain injury. We're talking about an event where someone forcefully shook that child hard, or threw that child to the ground or of course hit the child in the head, saidAshby.

Baker has been held in the Ada County Jail since May 17 on an unrelated parole violation. Murder charges were filed on June 25.

According to court records, Baker has had other run-ins with the law. He has multiple felony forgery charges that date back to 1999.

Baker will be back in court in July for a preliminary hearing.

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