CALDWELL -- Caldwell firefighters were called to a grass fire Sunday afternoon along Wagner Road.

They described the fire as medium-sized when they got there, but the light winds quickly fanned the flames to a bigger area.

The fast-moving fire ended up charring 20 to 25 acres, but it could have been much worse.

The area luckily was contained by access roads and canals so it didn't spread to surrounding residences and everyone was lucky in that regard, said John Hogg, a Caldwell Firefighter.

Firefighters said the homeowner thought he had the controlled burn under control until the wind kicked up. It s a reminder of how dangerous fires can be this time of year.

It does show even after the recent rains how dry the conditions are and they're very dangerous especially with the possibility of fireworks today, Hogg said. We need to be very careful.

Firefighters said the fire came close to burning the homeowner's house.


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