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BOISE-- Dozens of revelers gathered at the IdahoStatehouse to celebrate Tuesday's landmark decision by a federal judge striking down Idaho's ban on same-sex marriages.

UPDATE: What happens next with same-sex marriage decision?

The crowd waved flags of equality, sat together in solidarity on the statehouse steps, and chanted slogans and songs of praise while reporters gathered to record the event.

This is just pure joy, said BoiseanJody May-Chang, who wed her partner of 19 years in Seattle. This isn't about a political statement anymore, for me, I'm just celebrating a moment in history that is pretty profound.

I would like Idaho to recognize my marriage, and we've raised a child together, and so we're very, very excited this is happening, May-Chang added.

I knew it would happen, but not this soon -- which is nice, said David Thompson, also of Boise. When things like add the words get denied for 8 years, and a bill that is potentially going to take away some liberties gets a hearing after the first year, you call into question the people that are representing you and whether or not they have your best interest in mind.

Thompson called Tuesday's ruling a positive sign for many in Idaho's LGBT community.

There's so many people that have been waiting for this for so long, and I'm extremely happy for them, and I'm happy to someday, maybe, potentially exercise my freedom to marry as well, he said.

Tuesday's celebration was a marked contrast from a string of protests and arrests over gay rights in Idaho that happened at the Statehouse during the 2014 legislative session.

VIDEO:Police arrest 'Add the Words' protesters who blocked Senate chambers

Specifically, members of the Add the 4 Words movement hoped to convince legislators to add the words sexual orientation and gender identity to Idaho's Human Rights Act. The act would prohibit discrimination in the workplace and housing for LGBT people.

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