BOISE -- A traveling exhibit on its way to Boise hopes to help us better understand our bodies and how they work. It's called Bodies Revealed.

Opening up the human body and learning from it is a science that's been happening thousands of years. But this exhibit not only opens up actual human bodies, but it preserves them and puts them on display for the world to see.

For the Discovery Center of Idaho, this is a project two years in the making. Bodies Revealed typically sets up the exhibit in larger museums, so it s a big deal for the smaller venue to host the event.

The exhibit is just as the name suggests, bodies are revealed, all the way down to the bone. Organs and muscles are also on display, preserved in silicone. Lungs and brains are dissected, some with cancer, giving people of all ages a way to look things in a new way.

Dr. Roy Glover with Bodies Revealed has been studying the human body for decades. He's excited about the learning possibilities this world renowned exhibit brings.

If we were born with a zipper in our chest and we could unzip and look at our lungs, if we were a smoker, we might become a little more careful about how we treat them, said Glover.

To make room for the exhibit, the Discovery Center will see some big changes. Bodies Revealed will take up nearly two-thirds of the Discovery Center for the time that it's there. The Discovery Center will still be open with its hands-on displays; they will just be in a smaller area.

The goal of the exhibit is to make it as comfortable as possible for the most people. Trying not to sensationalize, but rather educate and reveal the complexities of our bodies.

The exhibit runs from Sept. 29, 2012 through March 31, 2013.

Tickets went on sale Tuesday. If you want more information on how to purchase tickets, click here.

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