NAMPA-- The up and coming country band, Riverbilly, is coming to town Friday to perform a free concert after the Snake River Stampede.

The band is coming because of a video two victim witness coordinators from Canyon Country put together.

After hearing the band's song, Like Father Like Son, Aleshea Boals and Jackie Smith felt compelled to make their own music video. The song is about a man who vows never to be like his father, who abused his mother.

The women say they knew the faces behind the song. So using the stories and crime scene photos of six local domestic violence victims they put together a video.

Some local organizations wanted to use the video but the Boals and Smith knew before they could share it they would need Riverbilly's permission.

We sent them a copy and they called me back right away and said 'Wow! Yes you can use our song but we want to come to Idaho', said Boals.

In the band's song, the man breaks the cycle of domestic violence in his family. The six women featured in the video have broke that same cycle.

It is a beautiful celebration of the survivorship that they are in now, they are victims yes, but they are true survivors, said Kim Ivacek, a member of the domestic violence task force.

Friday's concert will be a celebration for all the survivors of domestic violence.

The concert will be held at the Idaho Center right after the Snake River Stampede finishes. It is free to anyone with a rodeo ticket.

The Domestic Violence Task Force hopes the concert will also get everyone at the Snake River Stampede talking about domestic violence.

We have all these new individuals that are hearing the message, that are thinking 'Wow I didn't know this is going on in our community but now I know, so what can I do to get involved.' So, now we are opening up to a whole new audience, said Yolanda Matos, with the domestic violence task force.

The women featured in the music video will have lunch with Riverbilly today, and they will be the band's special guests at tonight's concert.

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