GARDEN VALLEY -- A young man who was shot in the head earlier this year has been the victim of another crime.

The Boise County sheriff tells KTVB that they are investigating vandalism to Ramon Fry s car and two others.

The 19-year-old was shot execution-style on Feb. 29 in Ontario, Oregon. Malheur County prosecutors have charged Lester and Erlene Reger in connection with the shooting, along with two other men. The Regers are the grandparents of Fry s young son.

They were released on bail in March. Erlene Reger violated the terms of her bail and was arrested just over a week ago.

As for the crimes in Garden Valley, the victims discovered the first car early Tuesday morning, telling Boise County authorities that someone stuffed a piece of cloth that was burned around the edge into a car gas tank. Then about an hour later, two more cars were found at the residence that also had vandalism to the gas tank.

Police are unsure of the motive. The cars had minimal damage, just a little melted paint.

The sheriff s office is asking for any help in this investigation. If someone saw something suspicious, they want to know about it.

You can call 343-COPS or the Boise County Sheriff's Office with information.

Patrols around Alder Creek, where this happened, have also been stepped up.

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