BOISE - Do you feel lucky to live in SW Idaho? According to Men s Health Magazine it s not just the family lifestyle, four seasons and abundant recreation that makes the Boise-area a nice place to live the area is actually lucky.

The magazine took a vast storehouse of data and distilled it down to figure out where the most luck is found in the U.S.Editors examined a raft of factors:

  • Winners of Powerball and Mega Millions
  • Winners of Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes
  • Most holes-in-one
  • Fewest lightning strikes
  • Fewest deaths from falling objects
  • Least money lost on lottery tickets & race betting

After crunching the data and ranking the top 100 cities Boise wound up... lucky number 13.Maybe that particularly unfortunate figure is lucky when it comes to the Treasure Valley.

San Diego topped the list followed by Baltimore, Maryland and Phoenix, Arizona. Gaming towns Las Vegas and Reno came in at 8th and 10th.

Outside of Boise, the only other northwest cities on the list are Portland at 25th and Seattle at 28th.

Men s Health says the least lucky city is Charleston, WV.

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