NAMPA -- Despite some positive signs that our economy might be improving, here's a reminder that we're not in the clear just yet.

Hunter's Point Golf Course in Nampa, near Lake Lowell, shut down Monday due to foreclosure.

This course has struggled for years.

Construction started in 2007, but bankruptcy on the part of the developer delayed the opening until 2009.

Everyone involved calls this an unfortunate situation, saying the economy is to blame.

Greg Bullock, the developer, lost around $2 million of his own money.

Landscapes United, the company that built the course, lost around $1.5 million because Bullock couldn't pay them.

And Hopkins Financial, the company that financed not only the course but the entire Hunter's Point Development, hasn't received any payments in four years. Bullock is unable to pay them either.

Homeowners and season pass holders can no longer play golf.

On Monday, Hopkins Financial, the course's owner, closed the club house because there's no money to run it.

We know there's a lot of frustration with people out there about the decision and we recognize that and empathize with everyone, said Mike Surls, CFO, Landscapes Unlimited.

As part of the foreclosure process, there will be a sheriff's auction next Tuesday.

At that point, what will most likely happen is Landscapes United will become the owners of 14 of the 18 holes.

Hopkins Financial will retain ownership of the other four holes.

The two companies together plan to find a buyer for the course with the hope of getting back open as soon as possible.

We are told that there are some interested parties, but there is no sign whether that will turn into new owners.

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