BOISE We are just one week away from Super Tuesday, and for the first time, Idaho Republicans will participate that day by holding a caucus.

Taco Bell Arena is the caucus site for people who live in Ada County.

This format is a little different than the primary. The biggest difference between a caucus and a primary is when and where you vote.

They're not going to their local school house. They don't have that 12-hour window to vote. They need to show up at a specific time and a specific place to cast their vote, said Travis Hawkes, Idaho finance chair, Mitt Romney campaign.

Since this process is new to Idaho, campaigns like Mitt Romney's are training people on how to caucus. Romney's son, Josh, was in town Tuesday doing just that.

On Super Tuesday, voters will gather at super sites. In Ada County, that's Taco Bell Arena. In Canyon County, that's the Idaho Center.

So, don't go to your normal polling location.

Then there's a specific time. That time is 7 p.m. That's when the doors will close.

Once they're closed each candidate will have someone speak on their behalf.

In a lot of places I think that people will be done in about an hour, but it may last a little longer in some places, said Hawkes.

That will depend on the number of people that show up.

The caucus will operate off of a secret ballot in most of the counties across the state.

Ada and Canyon counties will do things a little different.

When it comes time to vote in Ada and Canyon counties, each voter will get a token. This token represents your vote. From there, you can put this vote in any one of the candidate s buckets. Once everybody casts their vote, the tokens will then be weighed. Since the weight of the coins is known, it will give them an accurate count of the votes for each candidate.

What we're focusing on is just encouraging people. They don't need to understand everything that's going to happen. They just need to be there and show up, and then they'll be able to watch and see and follow others and know when to vote, said Hawkes.

Idaho has 32 delegates up for grabs.

Organizers are expecting somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 people to show up at Taco Bell Arena.

If that happens, this will be the largest single caucus site ever to be held across the country.

You have to be a registered Republican to vote. If you are not one, you can register at the caucus on March 6. Click here for information about your county's caucus location.

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