New golf course ready to open after 6 years

New golf course ready to open after 6 years


by Zach Wolken

Idaho's News Channel 7

Posted on June 30, 2011 at 8:55 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 5 at 12:02 AM

TimberStone Golf Course

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CALDWELL -- Since the recession hit people have not been spending much money on entertainment. 

Box offices aren't booming like they once were at movie theaters and the same can be said at golf courses across the nation.

Fortunately those figures didn't stop one group from picking up a nearly dead golf course project in Caldwell and turning it into another first class, yet affordable, place to hit the links. 

"When I grew up all these fields used to be covered with sugar-beats, mint and all sorts of other crops," said TimberStone Head Golf Professional Kelly Christensen as he reflected on what the landscape of the new TimberStone Golf Course used to look like. 

His description of the before and after landscapes shouldn't come as a huge shocker. 

The land all around the new course is either crops or dairy farms, but Christensen does have a unique persepctive because the course literally built up around his childhood home, in Caldwell.

"I actually grew up in that house right there surrounded by those trees," said Christensen as he pointed across the ninth green.  "So, I mean basically hole number-3 and hole number-4 are right in our back and front yards. So, it's been a lot of fun.  It has been a dream come true." 

The dream took a really long time to come to fruition and there were points when the course was close to becoming either a gravel pit or a waste area. 

"This thing was about a week from never happening," reflected Christensen.

When the panic set in some very important people stepped up. 

One was Kelly's Dad, Dave, along with a group of investors that decided this golf course wasn't going to waste away after sitting dormant for some six years. 

The group started work on the course in the fall, and the purchase of the property finally went through in the middle of February, this year.

"When we took over the golf course there was about 8 holes that weren't finished," said Christensen.  "With the owners cooperation and everybody, in a matter of about four or five months we were able to get everything up and running."

Astonishingly as of Thursday the course was 98-percent ready for opening day on Friday. 

A few bunkers still needed drainage and sand installed, but that's about it. 

Several thousand new tress have been planted and the course has officially been brought back from the dead. 

"In a way it's a miracle that we're able to have this opening.  It took a lot of hard work and a lot of effort from a lot of different people."

TimberStone Golf Course will open its doors on Friday, July 1st, to the public.