Harsin announces depth chart for Ole Miss

BOISE -- The Boise State football has team released their depth chart for the season-opener against Ole Miss, following head coach Bryan Harsin's press conference on Friday.

Compared to the initial depth chart that the Broncos released at Mountain West Media Days in July, there were only two significant lineup charges in terms of starters.

Redshirt freshman Jake Roh - who did not even appear on the first depth chart - will start at tight end over Connor Peters, and senior Cleshawn Page beat out sophomore Jonathan Moxey and seniors Bryan Douglas and Mercy Maston for the cornerback spot opposite of rising-junior Donte Deayon.

"He has come on here in the last three of four practices," said Harsin of Page following the fall scrimmage on Aug. 15.

The only true freshman on the depth chart remains to be safety Dylan Sumner-Gardner.

Earlier in fall camp, defensive backs coach Julius Brown praised Sumner-Gardner's ability to quickly fit in and credited the 17-year-old for enrolling early so he could practice with the team last spring.

"I think he benefitted a ton," Brown said. "From day one, he was use to the speed."

"He's going to play on special teams," Brown continued. "He's going to help us a bunch. He's going to play on defense and for us and him, it's figuring out the role to put him in so that he can have the most success."

In addition to Sumner-Garnder, three other true freshman - tight end Chase Blakley, runningback Jeremy McNichols and quarterback Alex Ogle will travel with the team to Ole Miss. The trio can not be found on the depth chart, but Blakley and McNichols will be ready to go throughout the season if needed.

"Neither of those guys will play at this point but they're in a position where, if things were needed, we would play them," Harsin said. "As the season goes, we know things change. There might be a guy there we need to grab and utilize him as a freshman.

"If we don't have to do that, we're not going to do that."

Harsin also announced that three players will not make the trip to Atlanta. Tight end Holden Huff (suspended), Justin Taimatuia (injured) and Taylor Loffler (injured) will miss the season opener.

UPDATE: Loffler retires from Boise State football team

Boise State will kickoff the season against Ole Miss on Aug. 28 at 6 p.m. MT. The Bronco Roundup Pregame Show airs live from the Atlanta on KTVB at 5 p.m. MT.

Depth Chart Notes
Players left off that were on initial depth chart:

- D.J. Dean (Active for Ole Miss)

- Holden Huff (Suspended)

- Dionza Blue (Left team)
- Justin Taimatuia (Injured)

Players included on depth chart that weren't on intial depth chart:
- Chaz Anderson (Potential starting Z-receiver)
- Alec Dhaenens (Backup tight end)
- Jake Hardee (Backup tight end)
- Jake Roh (Starting tight end)

- Andrew Tercek (Backup left guard)

- Robert Ash (Potential starting nose tackle)
- Matt Boesen (Backup STUD)
- Cameron Hartsfield (Backup nickel)
- Chanceller James (Backup safety)
- Rondell McNair (Backup defensive end)
- Antoine Turner (Potential starting nose tackle)

Boise State Offense
Starter: Matt Miller, R-Senior (Games: 39, Starts: 32)
Backup(s): Troy Ware, R-Junior (Games: 17, Starts: 2)

Changes: D.J. Dean is no longer listed as the backup. Instead Ware steps in behind Miller.

Starter: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Junior(Games: 24, Starts: 11)
Backup(s): Thomas Sperbeck, Sophomore(Games: 8, Starts: 0)

Changes: None.

Starter: Dallas Burroughs, senior (Games: 38, Starts: 2) --OR-- Chaz Anderson, sophomore (Games: 10, Starts: 0)

Changes: Initially, Troy Ware was listed as an "OR" with Burroughs. After switching from cornerback to wide receiver, Chaz Anderson enters the picture.

Left Tackle
Starter: Ree Odhiambo, R-Junior(Games: 15, Starts: 8)
Backup(s): Eli McCullough, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: None.

Left Guard
Starter: Travis Averill, R-Sophomore (Games: 9, Starts: 3)
Backup(s): Kellen Buhr, R-Sophomore (Games: 2, Starts: 0) --OR-- Andrew Tercek, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Buhr slides over from right guard and Tercek makes his first appearance on the depth chart.

Starter: Marcus Henry, R-Junior (Games: 24, Starts: 12)
Backup(s): Mason Hampton, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: None.

Right Guard
Starter: Mario Yakoo, R-Sophomore (Games: 13, Starts: 1) --OR-- Archie Lewis, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Kellen Buhr moved to left guard, while Lewis bumps over from right tackle.

Right Tackle
Starter: Steven Baggett, R-Sophomore (Games: 6, Starts: 2)
Backup(s): Jerhen Ertel, R-Junior (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Archie Lewis slid over to guard. Ertel moves over from left guard.

Tight End
Starter: Jake Roh, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)
Backup(s): Connor Peters, Senior (Games: 25, Starts: 3) --OR-- Alec Dhaenens, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0); Jake Hardee, R-Junior (Games: 20, Starts: 0)

Changes: Roh makes his first appearance on the depth chart, and does so as the starter. Peters drops to second string, but is accompanied by Dhaenens now. Also, Hardee was added to the depth chart.

Starter: Grant Hedrick, R-Senior (Games: 29, Starts: 5)
Backup(s): Ryan Finley, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: None.

Starter: Jay Ajayi, R-Junior (Games: 24, Starts: 12)
Backup(s): Devan Demas, R-Sophomore (Games: 7, Starts: 0) --OR-- Jack Fields, Junior (Games: 22, Starts: 0)

Changes: None.

Boise State Defense
Defensive End
Starter: Beau Martin, R-Senior (Games: 25, Starts: 2)
Backup(s): Gabe Perez, Sophomore (Games: 12, Starts: 0) --OR-- Rondell McNair, R-Junior (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Sam McCaskill moved inside, while Gabe Perez swaps sides of the line. Also, McNair added to the depth chart.

Nose Tackle
Starter: Armand Nance, Junior (Games: 21, Starts: 8) --OR-- Antoine Turner, R-Junior (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Justin Taimatuia will miss the rest of the season with an injury. Turner is now in the two-deep.

Defensive Tackle
Starter: Tyler Horn, Senior (Games: 33, Starts: 8)
Backup(s): Sam McCaskill, R-Sophomore (Games: 11, Starts: 0) --OR-- Elliot Hoyte, R-Sophomore (Games: 4, Starts: 0)

Changes: McCaskill slides over from defensive end to provide depth.

Starter: Kamalei Correa, Sophomore (Games: 13, Starts: 0)
Backup(s): Matt Boesen, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Gabe Perez moved over to the other end position. Boesen makes his debut on the depth chart.

Weak-side Linebacker
Starter: Ben Weaver, R-Sophomore (Games: 12, Starts: 6) --OR-- Tyler Gray, Junior (Games: 26, Starts: 7)

Changes: Weaver was the starter. Now have added Gray to that mix with an "OR" designation.

Middle Linebacker
Starter: Tanner Vallejo, Sophomore (Games: 11, Starts: 5) --OR-- Blake Renaud, Senior (Games: 33, Starts: 6)

Changes: None.

Starter: Corey Bell, Senior (Games: 34, Starts: 15)
Backup(s): Cameron Hartsfield, R-Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0) --OR-- Mercy Maston, Senior (Games: 13, Starts: 4)

Changes: Dionza Blue, the original backup, left the program following the first day of practice. Looking for options, Hartsfield and Maston will look to provide them.

Starter: Donte Deayon, Junior (Games: 18, Starts: 14)
Backup(s): Bryan Douglas, R-Senior (Games: 28, Starts: 14) --OR-- Mercy Maston, Senior (Games: 13, Starts: 4)

Changes: Cleshawn Page moved to the other cornerback position. Douglas and Maston now the backups.

Starter: Jeremy Ioane, R-Senior (Games: 33, Starts: 26)
Backup(s): Dillon Lukehart, R-Junior (Games: 26, Starts: 1) --OR-- Dylan Sumner-Gardner, Freshman (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Lukehart moves over from the other safety position.

Starter: Darian Thompson, R-Junior (Games: 26, Starts: 19)
Backup(s): Chanceller James, R-Sophomore (Games: 0, Starts: 0)

Changes: Dillon Lukehart now backs up Ioane, so James makes his debut behind Thompson.

Starter: Cleshawn Page, Senior (Games: 12, Starts: 0)
Backup(s): Jonathan Moxey, Sophomore (Games: 13, Starts: 1)

Changes: Page emerges as the winner of the position battle. Meanwhile, Bryan Douglas and Mercy Maston have moved over to back up Donte Deayon.


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