Broncos quarterback Finley: "I'm at 100 percent"

BOISE -- Ryan Finley's freshman season ended before the 2013 season even began.

"I came into fall camp and about two weeks in, I found out I had a torn rotator cuff," Finley recalled.

It was a lingering injury from his prep playing days.

"It was pretty bad when I got here," Finley said. "I didn't ice properly and I didn't do some of the exercises I should've been doing in high school."

The road back has taken almost a year.

Finley exceeded expectations by playing in the Blue and Orange Spring Game last April. He completed 10-of-12 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown.

"It was just communicating with (the coaches) - just how my arm felt," Finley said. "If it felt better the next day, then I'd get a little more that day. If it felt better the next day, then I'd just keep getting more and more reps."

"I was really glad with how much I was able to participate and the reps I was able to get."

Despite the efficient spring game performance, Finley was left wanting more.

"I feel like I could've played better," he said.

According to wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes, Finley has been better.

"He's been doing good in fall camp so far," Williams-Rhodes said. "He throws a very good ball. Whether it's a deep ball, a short ball (or) across the middle, he throws a really good ball."

Although senior Grant Hedrick returns as the starter, Finley knows he will play an important role on the team.

Stating that he feels he's "100 percent" on Wednesday, Finley says he'll be ready if called upon.

"I know my role for this squad," Finley stated with confidence. "I'm definitely ready for whatever I need to do."

Check out what Finley's coaches and teammates have to say: "Finley continues to shoulder the load".



More with Boise State redshirt freshman quarterback Ryan Finley:

Q: What is your favorite part about being a college football player?

A: "Just being a part of the team. Right now we've got the Bronco Olympics going on. Last night we went bowling. Just being with 100 guys who are on that same mission as you, that same passion, it's unbelievable."

Q: What do you think about the new offense at Boise State?

A: "I love this offense. I absolutely love it. I think what Sanford is doing is unbelievable. A little bit undercenter, all the shifts and motions, all that kind of stuff. I absolutely love it."

Q: What is your opinion about the receiving core?

A: "We've got some good receivers upcoming. Obviously there's Matt Miller, who you always can count on. But, Sperbeck (is) coming up, Dallas is starting to look real good, we've got some guys that can definitely run."

Q: How close are you and starting quarterback Grant Hedrick?

A: "Me and Grant have definitely built a great relationship of just kind of competing with each other. I like to think I've pushed him a little bit. Obviously he's pushed me, trying to do some of the things he does. We have a great relationship."

Q: Have you received any time with the first-team offense so far?

A: "I don't get much reps from the blues, but I'm learning mentally from watching the blues and that's just as important. (I'll) keep getting reps with the two's and it's going to be fine.

Q: If needed, can you pull the ball down and run?

A: "I'll run when I need to. I'm fast."


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