NFL Combine: Kellen Moore

NFL Combine: Kellen Moore


by Jay Tust

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Posted on February 25, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 8 at 6:50 AM

Kellen Moore

Pre-Combine Grade: 51.0 (Draftable Player, 4th-7th round pick)

What they're saying:
Moore is a strong leader and very poised in the pocket and under pressure. He has a quick pass set that is balanced and under control. He gets rid of the ball quickly and picks his spots effectively, although his release is slightly a 3/4 sidearm. He has all the intangibles and is a very accurate thrower both short and long. He understands route progressions and how to put touch on the ball. He will scan the field and locate his second and third options. This is a quarterback that is under control.
Moore is just under six feet tall, which is the major knock on his game as it translates to the next level. He struggles when throwing on the run and working outside the pocket, and is a very slow mover with his feet. The biggest knock on Moore is his arm strength, as he doesn't show the ability to drive the ball down the field with velocity. With the timing and effectiveness he has worked with under Boise State's system, Moore often lobs the ball and puts touch on it, his deep outs will likely be intercepted early in the NFL if he can't learn to drive it harder.

Use this link to watch Kellen Moore at the NFL Combine.  Below are the corresponding times you can see him perform.

Jay's Take:
Since Kellen Moore walked off the field following a 56-24 victory over Arizona State in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, we knew it would be difficult for him to improve his stock.  Undersized for the position, working out against the likes of Andrew Luck at the NFL Combine - who he oh-so conveniently followed in workouts all day Sunday - would more than likely showcase his weaknesses instead of his strengths.

"The combine is not for Kellen Moore," said Matt "Money" Smith of the NFL newtork. "He's a very good college football player, but not the athlete you want to see at the positon," added NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks.

Even the throwing portion (you can watch an attempt at 3:15:06 on CAM 2, as well as at 4:29:26 and 4:32:11 on CAM 1) of the combine isn't set up to highlight Kellen's strengths.  Throwing to a single receiver against air doesn't do enough to show off his unqiue ability to manage a game.

"The combine is not a place Kellen Moore is going to shine. You have to really focus on the game tape to see what he is," said Brooks.  "He needs to play with all 11 on the field so he can show you his anticipation and the things he does from that stand point."

Much like when he was being recruited out of high school, teams are obviously focusing on his lack of size and athletic ability, oppose to the intangibles that helped him win an NCAA-record 50 games in his collegiate career.

He is the exact opposite of guys like JaMarcus Russell at the 2007 combine.  The former LSU quarterback wowed everyone with his size and arm strength and became the No. 1 overall pick by the Oakland Raiders.  However, between the ears he struggled and was out of the game after just three seasons.

With all this in mind, Kellen's 40-time (4.94) wasn't terrible and former NFL MVP Marshall Faulk even complimented him during the throwing session saying: "I'll take that football IQ and weak arm."  While some may wonder 'did he do anything to help himself,' the more important question is 'did he do anything to hurt himself?'

The answer is no.

Kellen Moore interviewed by following workout.  Scroll to 3:35:26 on CAM 2 to listen in.
Below is the transcription:
What has the combine been like?
"It's been fun.  You get to meet a lot of neat people and spend time with all the other quarterbacks and you enjoy it."

How do you feel you did today?
"I think I felt good.  There are always a few balls you want to take back, but we'll be throwing a lot over the course of the next couple of months and meeting with a lot of different people and that will be exciting."

Your success in college speaks for itself, but people question your size.  What have NFL teams been saying?
There are a lot of ways to evaluate quarterbacks and there are 32 different ways of doing it and it's just a matter of finding the one team that really falls in love with you and thinks you can do some great things and that'll be good."

Talk about Boise State's offense and how it translates to the pro game?
"We did a lot of things on offense which I think will definitely benefit.  All these teams in the NFL - it's your job and you're going to prepare as hard as you've ever prepared.  You're going to put a lot of hard work in to it and there's going to be a lot of scheme adjustments from week-to-week and I think Boise definitely helped me benefit with that."

How do you feel about the combine and what did you want to accomplish here?
"I think today - the '40' you still value.  As long as (my time) starts with a '4', that sounds good to me."  From what I heard, that was accomplished.  Throwing is just getting out there and doing what you do, having fun and enjoying that.  I think it went well."

What is the plan for you on Pro Day?
"I think really you just go back to being a quarterback.  Your sole focus is going back to being a quarterback.  We're not track athletes for a few weeks.  There will also be other throwing opportunities for other coaches that you have to value as well."

What is Boise State's mindset like going into big games against Georgia, Virginia Tech and Oregon?
"We're very fortunate and I think the bottom line is I'm very lucky to be surrounded by a lot of great people.  From the coaching staff to the players around us - I mean we have seven guys (at the NFL Combine), it's not like we were just a bunch of goofy guys pulling off victories.  We had some talent around the field and did a tremendous job of taking advantage of opportunities in those games."

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 197
Arm Length: 30 1/4
Hands: 9 1/2

Workout Day: Sunday
40-Yard: 4.94 seconds (13th out of 14) - Watch: 1st attempt: 2:05:23, 2nd attempt: 2:09:43, but most of it was them recaping Andrew Luck
Bench Press: Did not participate
Vertical Jump: 27" (15th out of 15) - Watch: 1:16:09 on CAM 2
> 2011 QB Average: 32"
Broad Jump: 8'3" (16th out of 16) - Watch: 1:21:06 on CAM 2
> 2011 QB Average: 9'5"
3-Cone Drill: 7.41 seconds (13th out of 13)
20-Yard Shuttle: 4.56 seconds (13th out of 13)
60-Yard Shuttle:

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