Petersen responds to NCAA allegations

Petersen responds to NCAA allegations


by Mark Johnson & Ryan Larrondo

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Posted on May 3, 2011 at 3:31 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 4 at 8:19 AM

BOISE -- Boise State University responded to an NCAA investigation into its athletic program and now awaits possible sanctions.

NewsChannel 7 talked with three former Division 1 athletic directors about the investigation.  All of them had the same reaction to the NCAA report that included the term: "Lack of Institutional Control," and as a group they said that means "Boise State better get your house in order."

"Sounds like a couple of the infractions had a mischievous intent to them," said former Portland State AD Randy Nordlof.

The NCAA's report found 22 violations. Boise State's internal investigation uncovered 81 violations, which it reported to the NCAA.

They involve things like incoming athletes sleeping on couches or floors of current athletes dorms or apartments, free meals in those accommodations, free transportation to practices, athletes competing prior to enrolling. Athletes from five sports were involved, including football.

BSU head football coach Chris Petersen released this statement Tuesday:

"We pride ourselves on doing things the right way at Boise State. As soon as we became aware that these inadvertent infractions were not in accordance with NCAA rules, we acted swiftly and without hesitation. The University, our staff and the involved student-athletes worked together with the NCAA to resolve the situation, including reimbursement of the benefits received, and that money was donated to a local charity."

The total reimbursement was about $5,000 according to Boise State.

The former athletic directors told us the individual infractions are considered secondary or minor, but the total number of 81 will be considered significant.

Nordlof said its difficult to predict what direction the NCAA will take in terms of sanctions.

Another former AD said the NCAA will view BSU's internal investigation as a favorable step by the university, but it does not insure that sanctions, including the loss of scholarships, won't be handed down.

Boise State officially responded on April 25 to NCAA allegations regarding 22 student athlete rule violations from 2005-2010 in the sports of football, men's tennis, men's and women's track and field, and one major violation concerning women's tennis.

The NCAA Committee on Infractions will review the action taken by Boise State on June 10. A final report is expected to take months.

Neither BSU President Bob Kustra nor Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier were available to speak to us Tuesday.

Bleymaier is at the Mountain West Conference athletic director meetings and will return on Thursday.