Idaho lawmakers react to State of the Union address

BOISE -- Idaho lawmakers didn't hold back after watching President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Republican Senator Mike Crapo criticized the president's budget.

"Once again, the President has ignored the most significant fiscal crisis that our nation has ever faced and has proposed a tax and spend budget. Since the President was first elected, our national debt has grown over 70 percent to an amazing 18 trillion dollars," said Crapo.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Raul Labrador called out President Obama's follow through.

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"The problem is his actions. He doesn't know how to work with Congress, he doesn't know how to bring people together, he doesn't know how to do the hard work of governing," said Labrador.

KTVB talked with Republican Congressman Mike Simpson over the phone after the State of the Union address. He told us his problem isn't with some of the President's ideas, but how they will come together.

"President Obama gives great speeches there's no doubt about that and there's a lot of things in there that I think in general terms people agree with. The problem is the implementation of a lot of this stuff," said Simpson. "He can propose all sorts of new programs and things that sound great, but what he didn't mention is that we still have a deficit."

Simpson also said he disagrees with the president when it comes to tax reform revenue.

"I think we ought to use it to lower tax rates across the board so that we don't have the highest corporate tax rate in the world so that middle class families actually have more income to keep in their own pocket. They want to spend it on new programs."

Republican Senator Jim Risch also released a statement following Tuesday's address.

"President Obama now has the opportunity to work with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress to find bipartisan solutions to the problems facing our country. He could work with Republicans to create jobs by approving the Keystone pipeline, or he could work with us on initiatives that keep Americans safe, like Iran sanctions legislation. Instead, what I heard from the president tonight was the same old, tired plan to continue a legacy of more regulation, more taxes, more spending, and more borrowing. Our national debt continues to grow at unprecedented levels, from ten trillion to eighteen trillion under President Obama's watch, threatening the future of our children and grandchildren, and indeed the future of our great nation. The glowing picture painted by the president ignores the most important number to families today and that is that they earn three thousand dollars less per year now than when the president took office. I hope that the president will start listening to the American people and will instead work with us to pass common-sense legislation that moves our country forward."

Tuesday night's State of the Union address marked President Obama's first time outlining his agenda before a Republican-led Congress.


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