Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 11/01/2012


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Posted on November 1, 2012 at 9:03 AM

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 11/01/2012:



NEW DANGERS FOR SANDY SURVIVORS - Leaking gas poses a new danger for New Jersey residents hard hit by Sandy, as the massive cleanup continues. See National/Regional - East.

NEW YORK CARRIES ON- Restaurants reopen under candlelight as determined New Yorkers carry on with life despite the blackout. See Regional - East

RIHANNA DEVASTATED BY SANDY - Rihanna comments exclusively to AP about the effect of Superstorm Sandy on her friends in New York. See Entertainment.




SMARTPHONE ELECTION TECHNOLOGY - A host of new smartphone apps are available to help voters make sense of campaign ads and assist in the voting process. AVAILABLE NOW.




LIFE AFTER SANDY - AP crews throughout Manhattan and New Jersey are covering the latest on the post-Sandy cleanup, and new dangers facing survivors. Content can be found in the National and Regional - East section on the site.

Planned Coverage

SEASIDE CLEANUP - AP crews in Long Beach Island, Seaside Heights and Atlantic city cover the start of cleanup efforts, and look at how residents are coping.

SAFETY FEARS - Leaking gas poses a major danger to New Jersey residents who remain in the damage zone.

COMMUTER CHAOS - Some subway lines reopen to mid-Manhattan, as other commuters struggle to get to work amid massive queues for buses.

FUEL SHORTAGES - Residents queue for fuel as gas stations run short of supplies and pumps fail due to power outages.

POWER OUTAGE - Residents in lower Manhattan and Hoboken face another night without power.

BLOOMBERG LATEST - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will hold a post-storm news conference at 1pm eastern.

RIGHT TO RUN? - The decision to go ahead with this weekend's New York marathon is causing controversy.

Available Now

FIRST FLIGHT LANDS - First flight lands at LaGuardia airport after runways reopen. See Regional - East.

RAW: POST-SANDY TRAFFIC GRIDLOCKS NYC - Aerials of traffic gridlock as people try to reach Manhattan this morning. See Regional - East.

DEVASTATION IN SEASIDE HEIGHTS - A destroyed roller-coaster, fun park and homes show the devastating power of Sandy's storm surge. See Regional-East

NEW YORKERS ADJUST TO BLACKOUT - Candles light restaurants as New Yorkers carry on with life despite the blackout. See Regional - East

STRANDED CRUISE PASSENGERS REACH BOSTON - Passengers finally disembark a cruise ship diverted due to Sandy. See Regional - East.

BACK ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL - After a pause for Superstorm Sandy, both candidates return to the campaign trial today. President Obama will campaign in Wisconsin, Colorado and Nevada, while Republican nominee Mitt Romney will concentrate on the battleground state of Virginia.

RYAN TRICK-OR-TREATS - Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan took time out from the campaign trial to go trick-or-treating with his children in Wisconsin. AVAILABLE NOW




KY, CHEMICAL TRAIN DERAILS - A chemical fire is still burning after a train derailment near Louisville, raising new fears about transport of toxic substances. New video expected. (Video from Oct 31 is AVAILABLE NOW.)

CA, HALLOWEEN SHOOTING - Four people are injured after an argument outside a Halloween party at the University of Southern California.

FL, CHALLENGED BALLOTS - Canvassing board starts examining questionable signatures on absentee ballots.

WA, SALMON CROSS ROAD - Salmon are caught on camera swimming across a flooded road in Mason County, providing a passing dog with a tasty catch. AVAILABLE NOW

CA, GIANTS FANS CELEBRATE - San Francisco Giants fans and players at their victory parade say their World Series win was a dream come true (Oct 31.) AVAILABLE NOW.




SAUDI TANKER CRASH - A fuel tanker explodes after hitting a bridge in Saudi Arabia, killing at least 22 people.

ALBANIA CLINTON - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits Tirana as the nation marks 100 years of independence.

RUSSIA SKYSCRAPER - Moscow claims to have Europe's tallest building after a new skyscraper edged out London for the honor.

HIGH TIDE FLOODS VENICE - Tourists wade through Venice after parts of the city, including central San Marco square, were flooded by a high tide. AVAILABLE NOW.

STORM DISPLACES 150,000 PEOPLE IN INDIA - A cyclone has brought heavy rain and flooding to southern India. AVAILABLE NOW.

ALL SAINTS' DAY - In the Philippines, people visit cemeteries to decorate graves and remember their loved ones in an All Saints' Day tradition. AVAILABLE NOW.




RIHANNA DEVASTATED BY SANDY - Rihanna talks exclusively to AP about the effect of Superstorm Sandy on her friends in New York. AVAILABLE NOW.

'RED DAWN' STARS TALK ABOUT SANDY - The stars of the remake of 'Red Dawn' talk about the impact of Superstorm Sandy. AVAILABLE NOW.

HOSTING THE CMAs - Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley talk about hosting this week's CMA awards, country music's biggest night. AVAILABLE NOW.




STAR WARS RESTORATION - Star Wars fans are restoring the iconic igloo-shaped homestead that featured as Luke Skywalker's home on the set of the first Star Wars movie in Tunisia. AVAILABLE NOW.

NIGERIA CASSAVA FLOUR - The hardy cassava root could help fight hunger across Africa. The root is milled into cassava flour and added to regular flour to produce cassava bread. AVAILABLE NOW.


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