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CLONED HORSES ON TO COMPETITION - Scientists cloned the first animal in 1996. Since then a number of businesses have grown, including a Texas company which is reproducing horses used in competitions.





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SMALL KENTUCKY CITY READY FOR BIG VP DEBATE - Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan are in Danville, Ky., for a vice presidential debate that has mushroomed in importance since Mitt Romney's strong showing in the first presidential faceoff.

KENTUCKY GOV. GIVES PREDICTIONS ON VP DEBATE - As Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan get ready to debate in Kentucky, the state's governor talks about his predictions for the event.

WHAT TO WATCH FOR IN THE VP DEBATE - AP's Connie Cass discusses the five things to watch for when Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan meet for their only debate in Kentucky.

RAW: BIDEN ARRIVES IN KENTUCKY AHEAD OF DEBATE - Vice President Joe Biden landed in Kentucky ahead of tonight's debate with Paul Ryan. The Obama campaign is hoping to gain the same momentum as the Republican party picked up in the first presidential debate.

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VARIOUS DEBATE CLIPS - The AP will post various clips from the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan.

POST-DEBATE ANALYSIS - How will the two candidates handle the pressure of the debate and did they help their cause?

OBAMA: ROMNEY UNDERGOING 'EXTREME MAKEOEVER' - Campaigning in Florida, President Obama said his opponent Mitt Romney was going through an 'extreme makeover' and changing his positions on issues.

ARMSTRONG ATTORNEY: USADA 'OUT TO GET LANCE' - The attorney for Lance Armstrong says anti-doping authorities determined that the cyclist was guilty without any form of due process. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released its report on the allegations against Armstrong.

ARCHIVES TO RECOUNT JFK'S CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS - The national Archives has gathered documents and secret White House recordings for a new exhibit called 'To the Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis.' It shows how President Kennedy and his advisers averted nuclear war.

CLINTON, TUTU PUSH FOR AN END TO CHILD MARRIAGE - International leaders addressed a group of U.S. Girl Scouts vowing to end child marriage. The event marks the first ever International Day of the Girl. The day recognizes girls' rights and challenges they face around the world.




DC, ZOO: LIVER PROBLEM KILLED PANDA CUB - The National Zoo says a liver problem was to blame for the death of last month of a 6-day-old giant panda cub. The cause of death was liver necrosis, or the death of liver cells. Mother Mei Xiang is returning to her normal self.

CA, KELLY: SHUTTLE ENDEAVOUR AMAZING UP CLOSE - Mark Kelly, the last commander of Space Shuttle Endeavour, talks about the importance of the spacecraft ahead of its move to the California Space Center near Los Angeles.

CO, POLICE RELEASE FEW CLUES ABOUT MISSING GIRL - Colorado police looking for a 10-year-old girl who disappeared on her walk to school have found a body in a park, but are not saying whether it is linked to the case and noted that officers are still searching for her.

DC, PRESIDENTIAL PANEL URGES GENE PRIVACY PROTECTION - It sounds like a scene from a TV show: someone sends a discarded coffee cup to a laboratory where the unwitting drinker's DNA is decoded, predicting what diseases lurk in his or her future.

FL, BUILDER: FOCUSED ON 'TRAGIC LOSS OF LIFE' - A Florida construction company says it has not yet learned what caused a Miami area garage it was in charge of to collapse. The Ajax Building Corporation's president says his focus is on the families affected by the deadly tragedy.

SD, ALICE COOPER HELPS LAUNCH ROCK & ROLL ACADEMY - Rock legend Alice Cooper went to Sioux Falls, S. D., to help launch the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. Cooper says teaching teens music is a great way to keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

DC, MAGIC JOHNSON: TEST FOR HIV IN 'YOUR OWN HOME' - Ervin 'Magic' Johnson, the former NBA Most Valuable Player and HIV/AIDS advocate, is the face of the first over-the-counter HIV test. The test allows Americans to check themselves for the virus that causes AIDS in the privacy of their home.




FREED MEMBER OF IMPRISONED RUSSIAN PUNK BAND SPEAKS OUT - A member of the Russian group Pussy Riot who was released from prison this week says Vladimir Putin influenced the sentencing in the case.

CHINESE WRITER WINS NOBEL PRIZE - Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Novel Prize in literature, a somewhat unexpected choice by a prize committee that has favored European writers in recent years.

USS EISENHOWER PATROLS STRAIT OF HORMUZ - Rare footage shows the crew of the USS Eisenhower at work and on patrol in the Strait of Hormuz as regional tensions flare over Iran's nuclear program.

CHINA PANDA RELEASED IN WILD - A giant two-year-old panda was released into the wild in China's Sichuan province.

YEMEN EMBASSY KILLING - A masked gunman assassinated a Yemeni security official who worked for the U.S. Embassy in a drive-by shooting near his home in the capital of Sanaa.




LISA MARIE DISCUSSES NEW MUSIC - Lisa Marie Presley talks about her music and what her dad would think of it.

HAKES AND MACY TALK NEW FILM - Actors John Hakes and William H. Macy talk about their new sexual film 'The Sessions.'

'WEBSTER' ACTOR KARRAS DIES AT 77 - Alex Karras, one of the NFL's best defensive tackles and one of the stars of 'Blazing Saddles' and the sitcom 'Webster', died at age 77.

BIEBER ANTI-BULLYING PSA - Justin Bieber's new anti-cyberbullying video helped his manager and a record executive resolve a legal predicament that arose after a cancelled fan meet-and-greet went south in Nassau County, N. Y.




JAY Z VIDEO GAME - Rapper Jay Z has taken another step into the pro basketball realm with his involvement in a new video game. The Grammy winner is a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets and serves as executive producer for the new 'NBA 2K13' game.

GERMANY FUNFAIR EXPO - The Euro Attractions Show displays the latest in amusement park technology. Everything from the latest in 3D technology, to what's being offered by the makers of Angry Birds, to artificial ice skating can be seen at the annual trade expo for amusement park owners.

WORLD LUXURY FLIGHT - Rock stars, royals and plain old business billionaires can now use an $80,000 prepaid priority card to charter a private plane to anywhere they fancy. Despite the global recession causing sales of new private jets to fall by more than half over the past three years, one British company says their charter business is booming.

FRIEZE ART FESTIVAL - The Frieze Art Fair - one of the highlights of the UK's art calendar - is celebrating its 10th anniversary in London with a new spectacular display: Frieze Masters, a contemporary perspective on historical art. Cutting-edge galleries from around the globe are exhibiting here alongside masters of the past.


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